SEMBAKOHarga per Kg
Telor Ayam Horn17.500 - 18.500
Beras Strobery10.250 - 10.500
Gula Pasir Baru12.500 - 13.000
Gula Pasir Mantu11.500 - 12.000

Kawin Paksa : Malu Tapi Mau
Cerita Cinta : Malu Tapi Mau
Cerita Malam Pertama
Cerita Lucu Brewokan

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Pandanaran Street, Heaven snacks typical of Semarang

If you all had been satisfied around at all the sights of the city of Semarang, surely you all want to get something that is typical of the city of Semarang, eg typical snacks, then you must come directly to the street Pandanaran because here you will encounter a variety of snacks typical Semarang for gifts family and friends to you. If for example you are of the old town then you can take a taxi, if you want to save costs, could walk to the west first until POS office in Semarang, later there you will find public transportation, find the majors Sampangan because surely by road Pandanaran. You can all walk down to the street while enjoying the Pandanaran Semarang city, there is a distance of approximately 3 kilometers from the old city of Semarang.

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You do not have to worry if you play to the city of Semarang, due to return to the hotel or train stations or airfields to transport very easy and fast (close). You can use sign language only if suppose the people you ask do not know what you want, because they are more able to understand the use of the sign language you use English or the language of your country. If necessary you all ready booklet to describe something you want, do not forget ya friends if Indonesia to always remember the city of Semarang

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