SEMBAKOHarga per Kg
Telor Ayam Horn17.500 - 18.500
Beras Strobery10.250 - 10.500
Gula Pasir Baru12.500 - 13.000
Gula Pasir Mantu11.500 - 12.000

Kawin Paksa : Malu Tapi Mau
Cerita Cinta : Malu Tapi Mau
Cerita Malam Pertama
Cerita Lucu Brewokan

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Travel in the old city of Semarang

If you want to travel to Indonesia, do not forget to take a stroll to the old city of Semarang. Why in the call of the old city? because the buildings were relics of the Netherlands, which is still preserved. Here a lot of domestic tourists and internasinal who like to take pictures and the area is not too crowded so cool if we want to take pictures, the problem is not too bothered by the noise of a vehicle. To go to the city of Semarang, suppose that you have of the city can be via the train or airplane, if you ride the train can get off at the station Poncol if a train ride economy and you go down to the station Tawang, if you really get off at the station Tawang quite a walk alone because the station Tawang is also the old city of Semarang. But if you can get off a plane at the airfield Ahmad Yani and is the only airfield in the city of Semarang he he ....... ...........

You're all in the guarantee will not be disappointed, especially if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the evening in the old city, the atmosphere is really like 350 years ago. Come on guys all on travel to the city of Semarang, pokonya guaranteed satisfied and the atmosphere is still fun, not too crowded like the city but also very quiet-quiet. If you want to come here or to my town do not have to worry certainly many people who can help to explain and could also take a look at other tourist spots, I also want to help hey .......... i wait .. ...

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