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Gula Pasir Baru12.500 - 13.000
Gula Pasir Mantu11.500 - 12.000

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Indonesia follows a beautiful artist who claimed to masturbate and use Sex Toys

After parting with Saiful and Aldi_Taher, Dewi peach widowhood, because they never married automatically make him definitely want to feel an intimate relationship, then to deal with recognition by Dewi Persik 

"Yes wearing various kinds in which we live, if we've been fussing and tired of how want to go there ? if we want to do busyness that we had tired himself out kdang sometimes he dreams of our time "

Dewi Persik

"We do not need hypocritical, a lot of tools to satisfy themselves. Many tools, I am talking, because I am a widow would have been the marital relationship but I do not like free sex, I really appreciate sex is intimacy, not everyone can take my heart. I have no marriage first, and only then do the sex, because unmarried yes I use tools "

Shinta Bachir

"Normally when again at home, alone so fitting. Like kepikiran to like it. Kan me as a woman who has been married would never feel it, right now my singles, "said Shinta Bachir."

"Instead of me (ML) with a guy whose mouth everywhere, mending I use my own toys if another pengin," said Suster Keramas movie star's.

Julia Perez

"Honestly yes, I'm not a hypocrite. For matters of sex, the cave got toys (tools) sex. Gue mikirnya heck, might as disposable tools rather than just snacks. After all, the same joy. I do not want to see another man. Satisfied only five minutes, but after that even so troublesome. So, it is safer to use tools, "said Jupe.

"That's what I do not believe it. Said the people, by fussing, sexual desire can be reduced. Turns out I was not tuh. Discharged home from work from morning until morning again, if another kepengen, yes already. When it comes to sex, I still have a motto like this: Say No to Drugs, Say No to Kleleran, Say Yes to Sex. The latter needs to be underlined ya know: ngeseksnya with your spouse, husband and wife. Not with the others. If that I do not agree !, "he concluded.

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